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About Us

Our Mission

To harness all our connections within the professional, construction and consumables field, delivering the best value offer exclusively to distribution.

Our Company

ICCONS™ is an exciting new Australasian wholesaler dedicated to supporting the independent distribution channel with an extensive range of construction supplies. With global iconic supply partners, ICCONS™ specialise in providing the latest technology in Construction Fastening Systems, Power Tools and accessories.

The Sales and Management Team have been selected for their collective skill base and commitment towards looking after independent dealers. The Team at ICCONS™ has a successful proven track record and decades of experience in working closely with customers across the country and an emphasis in promoting, not hindering the profit making process.

The ICCONS™ Team are well known for their integrity and respect amongst their peers and iconic connections across the globe that have fostered strong commercial ties with the core foundation being trust, loyalty and performance. ICCONS™ product range includes many global iconic brands that have chosen ICCONS™ as of one their global wholesalers. Accessibility to these important iconic brands is now preserved and immediately available alongside the ICCONS™ range, thus providing dealers with an exciting new option for their construction supplies.
ICCONS™ goal is to be creative, dynamic and flexible when selling its products to the Independent Construction Supplies segment.

The ICCONS™ tag line is Serious Connections. These two words envelope the depth of resources ICCONS™ brings to the independent dealer and is a statement that ICCONS™ is serious about its connections across the whole spectrum of its business.
ICCONS™ looks forward to delivering a better choice in the construction supplies segment.

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